why is the female hero so often tomboyish

why cant there just be one like oops i chipped my barbie pink nail polish while brutally killing an entire armada of time traveling ninja pirates

with my hair curler



found her

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*tips blunt* m’rijuana

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he’s like a teenage girl at a sleepover

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To the boys who may one day date my daughter

watch it till the end…

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This is an Anthony Misiano as the Joker post.

Keep moving along there.

Best cosplay in the history of cosplay

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so a couple of followers suggested this to me, you can suggest things to me too just message me

What’s makes blackout haunted house different is how they have real life scary scenes, like VIOLENT RAPE. 

The following content contains spoilers on what goes on at the haunted house: had an article in which the guy explains what he had to go through, it includes things like being suffocated, witnessing horrifying violent sex scenes, and he himself had to go to do some pretty gruesome things to escape. He had to put his hand through a toilet bowl filled with vomit to obtain a set of keys. He even was told to staple his hands together. (Not real vomit and staple gun was empty)

He says that past schemes at this house had other horrifying things, like making the visitors suck on bloody tampons. 

It’s a psychologically twisting place. Luckily if it’s too much for you, you can yell SAFETY and you will escorted out. You won’t get your money back tho (that’s $50 gone). 

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